Autism Strategy Priority 5: Care

What is the aim?

Care and support will meet need and support autistic people to progress.

How will it happen?

  • Create a new team to support autistic people.
  • Develop and agree a way of checking the standard of communication used for autistic people. This is called a Quality Assurance (QA) scheme. The QA scheme will check all types of communication including tailored communication methods and recognition of sensory, communication and environmental needs.
  • Make sure services use a Positive Behaviour Support method which actively supports the reasons behind behaviour that challenges helping people remain calm.
  • Make sure people get the right support at the right time including mental health support.
  • Build partnerships with criminal justice agencies or organisations.

What should the result be?

Person centred care and support focuses on positive outcomes, autistic people are better able to manage their own lives.

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