Northamptonshire All Age Autism Strategy

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This is a plan to make life better for autistic people in Northamptonshire. It says how different local organisations will work together to improve support for autistic adults, children and young people.

Find out more below about the strategy, read the full document and tell us what you think by 5pm on Sunday 7 October.

 What are the priorities for autistic people in Northamptonshire?

Watch a video explaining the strategy and click one of the coloured tiles below to find out more about each priority.




Raising awareness and understanding regarding the complexity of autism

The aim is for more people to know about autism, and to understand every autistic person has different skills and needs.

This will give autistic people the best chance to have a good future.


​Effective, quality-assured support before and after diagnosis

There will be a clear way for people to get advice and guidance based on individual need.

Care and support will be given by staff that know what support they should give and why.


Enhancing education, employment, accommodation, and life opportunities

The views, wishes and feelings of individuals, families, and carers will be at the centre of personalised planning. 


Seamless progression throughout periods of transition

The aim is to identify and use an agreed process when an autistic person has a big change in their life.

This will be done by working with autistic people who receive care and support, as well as their families and carers.


Providing effective and enabling care and support

Care and support will meet need and support autistic people to progress.

​Hold your own discussion

Use the toolkit below to hold a discussion about the strategy and feed back as a group.

Discussion toolkit (PDF 205KB)

Autism strategy presentation (PDF 197KB)

Pictures for consultation activities (PDF 422KB)

Feedback form (Word 44KB)

How to have your say

You can have your say by 5pm on Sunday 7 October by getting touch in one of the following ways:

  • Online survey Online survey

    Answer a series of questions about the strategy - you will have the opportunity to give more detail about each answer if you wish.

  • Email Email

    ​Once you have read the strategy, you can email us direct with any thoughts you have.

    If you'd prefer to share your thoughts by recording a video, you can attach the file to your email.

  • Write to us Write to us

    You can let us know what you think by writing to us. If you'd prefer to share your thoughts by sending a graphic or drawing, you can send those to us as well.


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Thank you to the National Autistic Society and Becky Malin and Laura Lawton, Autism Support Specialists at Northampton College, for their support in the creation of this website.