Business start-up day

Start-up Day is back, and it's bigger than ever. Do you have a business idea but aren't really sure how to turn it into a reality?

Join us for a packed programme of workshops, inspirational talks and events that will give you a head-start as you start up! Learn how to stand out from the crowd, raise finance, write a business plan and much more.

Come to the Business & IP Centre Northamptonshire start-up day on Thursday 20 September at Northampton Central Library.

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Agenda for the day 

Welcome, networking and refreshments - 9:30am to 10am

Arrive early to network and secure your seats.

How to succeed in business - 10am to 10:45am

Tom Warner, founding partner of Warner Edwards, a successful high profile Northamptonshire business will be talking about his business journey and how the company got to where it is today.

How to grow your business - 11am to 11:45am

Ruth Roan of Building Business Consultancy is delivering a session that will look at how to successfully grow a business, tools to support planning and development plus top tips for business growth. Ruth will also be sharing how she has grown her business.

How to network for success - midday to 12:45pm

Really effective networking is one of the major keys to building a successful, sustainable business or career.
Your ability to connect, influence and build strong relationships is what may be the difference between whether
you thrive or struggle to survive – especially if you are a small business owner, sole trader, a manager or if you are in a competitive market or profession. Mike Willis of The Business Club Northants will be talking about how to network successfully and the benefits of joining The Business Club Northants.

Speed mentoring - 1pm to 2pm 

Participate in a speed mentoring session during the lunch break with the opportunity to talk one to one to business experts. Experts include:

How to brand for start-ups - 1pm to 1:30pm

Mini workshop by Marie-Louise O'Neill of Lovely Designs. Find out what you need on your branding checklist and the free design tools available for you to get started, plus time for questions.

How to fast track your business success with 10 simple strategies - 1:45pm to 2:15pm

Mini workshop by Karen Kissane of Karen Kissane Coaching. Many start-ups fail because they haven’t thought through their entire journey. They want to get started right away, so they jump in without a clear vision or a solid plan. If you don’t want to be one of the 80% of new businesses that fail in their first year, it’s important you arm yourself with proven strategies that will help you efficiently and confidently reach your business goals and turn your ideas into your reality.

How to write winning words for your website - 2:15pm to 3pm

Talk by Stephen Church of Copywriter Pro. Get more visitors and more clients by writing winning words for your website. This will cover the key elements that will make a website do its job. Covering the overall appearance of your website, the images, the structure, SEO and, of course, the right words to use.

Start-up Stars: How I turned my business idea into a reality - 3:15pm to 4pm

Taking the leap into the world of entrepreneurship can be a daunting experience – hear from our panel of start-up business owners and why they’re glad they did it!

Start-up Stars enables a space where early stage businesses can benefit from the insight and practical advice of more established entrepreneurs, and where new businesses can build networks and benefit from peer support and expertise sharing. Join us for this special version of Start-up Stars where you’ll get to hear from a panel of new business owners about the moment they knew that starting a business was a good idea and, more importantly, how they bit the business bullet.

Our panel of business owners will talk candidly about taking the plunge from employee, to self-employed, to employer, what they’ve learned along the way, what they wished they had known before they started, and why it was all worth it in the end. You’ll leave armed with practical insights, and feeling more inspired than ever to turn your business idea into a reality. The panel will be moderated by Ruth Roan of Building Business Consultancy.

Speakers are:

Networking reception - 4pm to 4:30pm

Drinks provided by

The Vino Van Events Ltd.


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