Ecton Brook Brownies are road smart

21 September 2017

​A group of Brownies have proved they are road smart after coming up with great ideas on how to stay safe when out and about.

On Monday, 18 September, Ecton Brook Brownies in Northampton had a visit from the Safer Roads Team, a joint initiative between Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service and Northamptonshire Highways.

Safer Roads Engagement Officer Kamila Poole met the group of 18 girls, and leader Paula Hedge, to discuss the importance of being safe on the roads, including when crossing, playing out and as a passenger in a car.

Learning lessons for life

The Brownies came up with a range of activities which would help them to be well-behaved passengers while adults are driving. They promised to always pay attention when out and about, but also to look out for each other and remind their friends and families about being safe.

Mrs Poole said: “I was very impressed with the knowledge, understanding and insight these young ladies had. They’re a wonderful, well-managed group and I was delighted to hear their ideas on how to be safe. It’s important that children learn about road safety as early as possible, and that we, as adults, lead by example and instil the correct behaviours.”

If you would like the Safer Roads Engagement Team to visit your school or after school group, please email  

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