Engagement event promotes holiday road safety at Abington Park

28 July 2017
Abington Park engagement event

Visitors to Abington Park were given road safety messages thanks to a joint project between Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Highways.

The Safer Roads Team (SRT) hosted the engagement event last Thursday, 27 July, to highlight holiday safety messages, including road safety near parks during the summer holiday period.

A community outreach vehicle and Mereway fire station’s Blue Watch joined SRT engagement and enforcement officers, special constables, a representative from Highways and two new fire service volunteers to chat with visitors.

Sharing safety messages

Sara Postlethwaite of the engagement team said: “It was a very positive event and we enjoyed meeting members of Northamptonshire’s diverse community. The children were definitely drawn to the fire engine and police car, which gave us the chance to talk to them and their families to share all sorts of safety messages, not just road safety.

“Working together in this way shows we’re all working towards the same goals of keeping people safe and helping reducing collisions and injuries on Northamptonshire’s roads.”

As part of the event a vehicle checkpoint was set up in Abington Park Crescent to monitor traffic speeds, as well as watch for any illegal mobile phone use by drivers and seatbelt offences. Checks were also carried out on vehicles’ tyres, MOT and insurance details.

Ms Postlethwaite said: “The key thing about this kind of exercise is the engagement opportunity it gives us to talk to drivers about making better, safer choices on the roads.”

Top road safety tips for drivers

  1. Don’t use your mobile phone while driving. This offence now carries a six-point penalty and £200 fine, so put your phone on silent, and keep it out of sight and out of reach when behind the wheel
  2. Reduce in-car distractions and stay focussed on the road. Consider turning music down, avoid using hands-free phone kits, and remind passengers to play their part
  3. Never drive under the influence of drink or drugs. Book taxis to take you home after a night out, and don’t drive the next day until you’re sure you’re alcohol free
  4. Abide by the speed limit. Streetlights mean 30mph unless otherwise signed
  5. Ensure you and all passengers always wear seatbelts, and wear them as they are designed to be used. Children must use the correct child restraint until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall, whichever they reach first
  6. Drive according to the conditions. Bad weather affects visibility, road surface conditions and vehicle handling, so slow down to give yourself more time to react
  7. Make monthly checks on your tyres (air pressure, condition and tread depth)

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