Fire safety support for new mums thanks to charity partnership

09 March 2018
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​New mothers and their babies are being kept safe from fire thanks to a partnership between Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS), Northampton General Hospital and a local charity.

Baby Basics Northampton provides care hampers to mothers whose circumstances mean they might be without essential items to care for themselves and their babies. The charity works with Northampton General Hospital’s midwives and health visitors to identify and support vulnerable women and provide them with the care packages.

As part of the scheme, NFRS also offers free home fire safety checks once new families go home, as well as fitting smoke alarms if required.

Lisa Bryan, manager of the NFRS Home Safety Team, said: “We’re pleased to work with Baby Basics who help to promote our service and encourage the families they support to request a home safety visit.

“During these visits we talk about the importance of having working smoke alarms and making an escape plan so everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire.

“We also promote a safe bedtime routine. This includes things like switching off electrical items such as phone chargers and shutting doors at night. All of our advice is aimed at keeping the whole family, including the new arrivals, safe. We hope to meet lots more new Baby Basics families soon.”

A typical Baby Basics care package, complete with home fire safety check information

A helping hand for new mums

Baby Basics was set up in 2013, and since then has sent out more than 650 starter packs to new mums in Northamptonshire. These include a baby bath or Moses basket, bedding, towels, baby clothing, and toiletries for mum and baby.

Charity founder Angie Kennedy said: “Baby Basics Northampton would not be able to reach families in need without the support from Northampton General Hospital. With their expertise, knowledge and relationships with the families, we are 100 per cent certain that our starter packs reach the right families.”

Community midwife Emma Fathers added: “Before we started working with Baby Basics, women may have come onto our ward with very little, if anything at all. Previously they may have needed to borrow from the ward, but clothes for the baby, for instance, might not have fit, so it’s something that makes a real difference to these women.

“It’s a beautiful thing, being able to present these hampers to the mothers, as they are absolutely packed with items that will be of great importance and they are so beautifully put together. Baby Basics is constantly fundraising to be able to get the items for the hampers. They also now provide toiletry bags for the mothers who may have come into the hospital with nothing and women are always so appreciative of these.”

Anyone wishing to support Baby Basics can contact the charity by emailing

Find out more about home fire safety and free home fire safety checks here

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