Help stop criminal cons by joining Friends Against Scams

09 May 2018
Junk mail and catalogues in a letterbox

​Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) is backing a national campaign to help protect and prevent people from falling victim to scams.

Friends Against Scams is a National Trading Standards initiative which works to help individuals and communities to take a stand against scams, which affect the lives of millions of people in the UK.

This kind of criminal activity can take many forms, such as a fake lottery, prize draw or romance scam. Usually contacted through letters, emails or phone calls, victims are tricked out of often substantial amounts of money and can be left with feelings of loneliness, shame and social isolation.

Helping to warn and inform

Friends Against Scams provides information about scams, and those likely to fall victim to them, to help communities and organisations to understand how scams work, talk about them and share prevention and protection advice.

Lisa Bryan, of the NFRS home safety team, said: “Keeping people safe in their homes isn’t just about fire safety.

“As NFRS visits lots of homes each year we have the chance to give some basic advice to residents to prevent them becoming a victim of scams and fraud too.”

There are lots of ways people can get involved in Friends Against Scams, including undergoing scam awareness training in order to help educate and inform friends and family about scams, and becoming a community or workplace champion to help spread the word.

Get involved with Friends Against Scams here

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