28 June 2018
coffee, cup and flowers on a tray, on a bed, in a hotel room

The F1 2018 British Grand Prix is just one time in the sporting calendar when some local residents choose to open up their properties, renting out rooms or even entire houses.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) would like to remind homeowners that fire safety law also applies to them if anyone pays to stay in their property, other than to live there as a permanent home.

For example, fire safety laws apply to those providing:

  • guest accommodation in small premises, such as bed and breakfasts, guest houses, farmhouses, inns and restaurants with rooms
  • self-catering accommodation, such as houses, cottages, chalets, flats and holiday caravans
  • accommodation in hostels or small bunkhouses

Fire Safety law

Scott Richards, NFRS Community Protection Manager, said: “The law will apply to you when you let out a room in your own home as guest accommodation, even if you only do it occasionally.

“No two properties are the same and so adequately managing the risk from fire means considering a bespoke approach, based on the individual circumstances of your premises. That is why we believe, in most cases, it is the owners who are the best placed to consider and address the risks, using their common sense supplemented, if necessary, with some specific technical advice.”

A guidance document aimed at supporting small hospitality businesses to comply with legal requirements has been produced. It offers helpful and straightforward information on what you are likely to need to think about to ensure an adequate level of fire safety is in place in your property.

For more information on fire safety responsibilities in guest accommodation, please ring  01604 797 000 and ask for the Fire Protection Department, or email enquiries@northantsfire.org.uk.

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