15 November 2018
Jazz the smoke alarm mimicking parrot

Firefighters in Daventry responded to an emergency call to a home in Daventry yesterday (Wednesday, November 15), only to find that a clever parrot had mimicked the smoke alarm which had activated the call out.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service attended the property in Windsor Close at about 3.45pm, after being notified by an alarm receiving company following what was believed to be multiple activations of a smoke alarm at the property.

On attendance, it was discovered that, although the smoke alarms had initially gone off, there was no fire and a parrot had then gone on to mimic the alarm.

Raising the alarm

Watch Commander Norman James said: “In some properties, smoke alarms are monitored by an alarm-receiving company. When an alarm is activated, they endeavour to make contact with the resident to establish whether there is a fire or if it is a false activation.

“On this occasion, it appears that while the monitoring company were on the phone to the householder, they could hear a continued alarm in the background and notified the fire service as a precaution.

“When we arrived at the property, the householder assured us there was no fire and we checked and cleaned the smoke alarms to try and prevent further activation.

"While we were doing this, we could still hear an alarm in the background and soon realised it was African Grey parrot Jazz continuing to do his excellent impression of a smoke alarm!

“It certainly made the crew smile and although it was a false alarm because there was no actual fire, we were thankful that the householder – and of his two parrots Jazz and Kiki – were safe.


Smoke alarms save lives

“Smoke alarms can save lives and we urge everyone to ensure they fit at least one on every level of their home. Make sure you test alarms regularly, at least once a month, and have a fire safety plan for you and your family so that you all know what do and how to get out if there is a fire in your home.

“And if you hear a neighbour’s smoke alarm going off and you’re not safely able to establish whether or not there is a fire, please call 999 – we would rather respond to a false activation than not respond to an actual fire.”

Jazz’s owner adopted him 12 months ago from the Angel Wings Parrot Refuge as company for Kiki, who he has owned for nearly six years. Both are big talkers and love to mimic telephones as well as smoke alarms!