Stay in the loop on safety warnings by registering domestic appliances

16 January 2018
Domestic appliances can be registered online at

​A national awareness day is highlighting how taking just a few minutes to register domestic appliances, even those up to 12 years old or bought second-hand, can improve home safety.

Taking place today, Tuesday 16 January, 'Register My Appliance Day' aims to highlight how registering these products at Register My Appliance ensures owners can be contacted quickly if safety warnings or recalls are issued.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) is backing the campaign, run by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA), to reduce the risk of fires started by faulty or malfunctioning white goods, helping protect homes and even save lives.

Stay aware, stay safe

Liz Armstrong, of the NFRS community safety team, said: “There are millions of white goods in UK homes, and while we all rely on them every day, once they are installed it’s all too easy to forget about them. Many are kept for ten years or more, yet unlike cars the vast majority are untraceable and have never had a health check.

“Registering these products is quick and easy to do online, and means that if a fault is identified, a repair recommended or a recall issued, you’ll be told about it promptly, helping reduce any safety risk.”

The Register My Appliance portal allows consumers to register new products and those up to 12 years old directly with more than 60 major brands. Items bought second-hand can also be registered. The site also has product instructions to help ensure items are used properly and safely.

The website is now optimised for smartphone and tablet use, making it even quicker and easier to use, and every registration improves the traceability of appliances, meaning manufacturers can quickly contact owners if a recall or free safety repair is ever needed.

Overlooked home helpers

UK homes are currently using an estimated 93 million wet and dry large appliances such as washing machines and fridges. New YouGov research released today revealed only 46 per cent of adults said they registered their fridge, while simultaneously listing it as their third most important material possession. The same survey saw 39 per cent of people say they didn’t believe registering products was necessary.

A similar 2017 survey revealed that 70 per cent of people with a fridge or fridge-freezer over ten years old had never had a professional review or check to ensure it is safely connected or running correctly.

As part of the Register My Appliance campaign, people registering appliances before the end of January have the chance to win prizes from a range of manufacturers.

Register appliances quickly and for free here

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