Take care of each other on the roads this Easter

28 March 2018
Looking down a two lane road with a zebra crossing. Trees line both sides of the road

‘Look out for each other on the county’s roads’ is the message from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service and Northamptonshire Police ahead of the busy Easter period.

The bank holiday can be a hectic time, with more drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists venturing out to enjoy the long weekend.

It is also an important time for parents, guardians and all drivers on the roads to watch out for greater numbers of child pedestrians out and about during the school break.

Richard Eaton, Safer Roads Education Team Leader, said: “Like all holidays from school and work, Easter can be a busy and distracting time, with more motorcyclists, cyclists and vulnerable road users out enjoying the bank holiday break.

“Traffic also tends to be busy as people use the motorways and highways for long weekend getaways.  Be prepared for queues, be patient and courteous to other road users.  We want you to arrive safely at your chosen destination.”

“We hope everyone will remain alert and observant for all other road users, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers or motorcyclists, and will take into account some of our advice to ensure a happy and safe Easter period.”

Easter road safety tips:

  1. When driving, obey the law. Your children will be observing what you do – and learning from you.
  2. When crossing a road, make sure it’s safe. Stop, look and listen.
  3. Do you know where your children are playing? Make sure they understand where is safe to play and why.
  4. Helmets/protective clothing are advisable for children riding bikes or scooters.
  5. Always hold hands with your young child near traffic, or make sure they hold on to a buggy if you are pushing one.
  6. Motorcyclists, be seen. Wear bright or fluorescent gear during the day and reflective gear at night.
  7. Drivers, take longer to look for bikes. At a junction, look, look and look again.
  8. Cyclists, drivers and motorcyclists, make sure you anticipate the actions of others. Be alert and make sure you can slow down and stop if the unexpected happens.
  9. Collisions can commonly occur between cyclists and lorries when these large vehicles turn left at junctions. The Department for Transport advises cyclists to hang back to avoid getting caught by a lorry making a left hand turn.
  10. Drivers, keep your distance from other vehicles and bikes. Be conscious of stopping distances. 
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