19 June 2017
Drowning Prevention Week

Calling for help when someone is in trouble in water will be the key message of a live demonstration of advanced rescue skills by Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS).

As part of Drowning Prevention Week, Northamptonshire Sport and the Nene Whitewater Centre in Northampton have organised a water safety day for 50 Year 7 pupils from five secondary schools.  Event partners include NFRS, Drowning Prevention Week organiser The Royal Life Saving Society UK and the RNLI. 

Part of the event, which is taking place on Wednesday 21 June 2017, will see specially-trained NFRS firefighters demonstrate their water rescue skills and equipment in an open water environment.  The aim of the demonstration will be to show how dangerous such rescues can be, highlighting the importance of always calling 999 for help and staying on the bank or shore rather than entering the water to try to help.

Tina Collett of the Prevention Team at NFRS said:


“Around 400 people drown each year in the UK, and drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in children in the UK.  Knowing how to stay safe in and around water is vital at any time of year, but particularly so in summer. 

"Most drownings occur in the month of July, and most accidental drownings happen in rivers, of which Northamptonshire has several.  Our demonstration will be a great way for students to understand the risks posed by open water and how to avoid them.

"We will also be emphasising the importance of calling 999 for help if someone is in trouble in water, and what you can do from the bank rather than entering the water and risking becoming a casualty as well. 

"Drowning Prevention Week is a brilliant initiative, promoting lifesaving messages, and is one we’re proud to support.”


Other activities the students will undertake on the day include classroom sessions on the dangers posed by open water, instruction in lifesaving CPR technique, and how to conduct safe rescues without putting themselves in danger. Students will also be able to experience open water in a safe and controlled way.