​Cycle CoNNect is a 24 hour on-street bike hire service in Northampton, with bikes available to hire across the network at anytime, every day.

The bicycles are fully adjustable for the comfort of all users and designed to be suitable to ride for casual and more experienced cyclists. They are all the same colour and designed to make them easily recognisable as Cycle CoNNect bicycles.

Who can hire a bike?

  • Residents
  • Commuters
  • Students
  • Visitors to the town
  • Anyone who wants to get around Northampton easily and cheaply

How does Cycle CoNNect work?

You will need to register as a member of the scheme:

Register for Cycle CoNNect

What happens next?

  1. Once you are signed up as a member, you will receive a membership number and PIN.
  2. Simply key in your membership number and PIN at any of the docking stations and select a bike to rent.
  3. The bicycle will be released from the electronic locking system for you to cycle away.
  4. You can return the bike to any docking station, not just the one you rented it from.

How much does it cost?

As a promotional offer, the first 30 minutes of each rental is free of charge, making short distance travel around Northampton extremely good value.

The bikes cost £1 per hour to rent, capped at £5 per day.

How can I find out more?

For more information visit the Cycle CoNNect website:

Cycle CoNNect