A45 Daventry development link road

​The A45 Daventry Development Link will be a new 3.5m (5.7km) single carriageway, which will start at a new roundabout on the existing A45 between the villages of Dodford and Weedon (to the east of Globe Farm). It will then pass to the north of the villages of Weedon, Flore and Upper Heyford before rejoining the A45 at a new roundabout between Upper Heyford and the M1 motorway at junction 16.

Description of scheme

The road has been designed so that it could be dualled in the future. The scheme includes earthworks (cuttings and embankments) and the construction of eight structures including bridges, a culvert and a farm crossing. Planning permission for the scheme was granted in June 2015. Details of the planning application can be found on our road scheme applications page.

You can view the route below: 

Update on scheme progress

Construction commenced on the 18 July 2016, with completion due by September 2018.

Whilst many aspects of the work have progressed as expected, a number of factors have affected progress including geological and ecological constraints and the need to undertake additional monitoring work.

The prolonged and very cold winter in 2017, followed by torrential rain in early summer 2018 and the extreme heat during July and August 2018 has also caused unavoidable delays. Our Principal Contractor, Balfour Beatty, are finding it increasingly difficult, because of these weather conditions and external factors, to meet the anticipated completion date and we are now looking at completion in the Autumn.

Video: Drone footage of site - February 2017


Access arrangements and other FAQ's

A large amount of dangerous work is being carried out within the entire site and members of the public are urged not to enter the site areas at any time for their own safety. Please only use the Public Rights Way to cross the site at the designated crossing points which are clearly signed and cordoned off.

At times it may be necessary to locally divert the Public Rights of Way routes or restrict their use, but we will keep you up to date as we progress. The Rights of Way which interface the construction site are EU1 (Flore Hill to Dodford footpath); EU 14 / EU2 (Flore to Brockhall bridleway / footpath); EU5 (Flore High Street to Brington Road footpath); and EU7 (Flore to Harpole footpath). The tow path of the Grand Union Canal also cross the site.

Benefits of the scheme

The construction of the A45 Daventry Development Link will improve transport links between the towns of Northampton and Daventry, and improve access between Daventry and the M1 motorway.

The road will facilitate and support the growth of Daventry District and relieve the villages of Flore and Weedon of through traffic.

In Weedon, it will significantly reduce traffic congestion at the existing signalised junction of the A5 with the A45, and reduce the number and severity of road accidents providing a high quality route for through traffic.

It will help to attract businesses to the area and will release future development to support and enable the growth outlined in the West Northants Joint Core Strategy.

Scheme cost and how it will be funded

The budget for the A45 Daventry Development Link is £40.9million, funded by the SEMLEP Local Growth Deal, the Highways England Growth and Housing Fund, Northamptonshire County Council, Daventry District Council and developer funding.

Further information

This page will be updated as the scheme progresses. Further information can be found within the newsletters below: