Northampton North-West Relief Road

​The Northampton North-West Relief Road will link the A428 Harlestone Road with the A5199 Welford Road and serve the housing growth that is proposed to the west and north of Northampton. It will also help address existing congestion, particularly in Kingsthorpe, by providing another crossing of the river valley. 

Description of scheme

The Northampton North-West Relief Road will link the A428 Harlestone Road with the A5199 Welford Road.  The section from the A428 to just south of the railway line will be constructed by the developers of Dallington Grange, and indeed the first part of this section has already been constructed as part of the Harlestone Manor development.  We will be responsible for building the section of road across the railway line connecting the developer's road to the A5199 Welford Road.

The scheme was initially developed in the early 1990s. A preferred route was agreed at that time, but this preferred route no longer has any legal status and consequently we are required to consult on the route options and identify a preferred route.

As well as assessing route options, recent work has focused on design standards and whether the traffic modelling will support the road being opened as a single or dual carriageway as traffic flows have increased since the early work on this scheme was undertaken.

Benefits of the scheme

The Northampton North-West Relief Road will reduce congestion in the north-west of Northampton, particularly  around Kingsthorpe, by providing a new crossing of the river valley.

The new road will also improve access to the motorway and other strategic roads from industry at Moulton Park, Round Spinney and Lodge Farm Industrial Estates.

Scheme cost and how it will be funded

An estimated cost for the scheme will be developed as work progresses. It is anticipated that the road will be funded by a combination of government and developer funding.

Government funding of £7.93m has been allocated from the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth Deal.

Growth Deals provide funds to Local Enterprise Partnerships (partnerships between local authorities and businesses) for projects that benefit the local area and economy.

What happens next?

The consultation on the Northampton Northern Orbital Route and Northampton North-West Relief Road closed on 4 August 2017.

Approximately 1200 responses were received. While initial analysis has been completed, and there is a clear majority of respondents in favour of taking both schemes forward, more time is needed to consider how we take on board the many detailed comments which have been made.

A report is being taken to the cabinet meeting in October 2018 to recommend a preferred route for the scheme.

Following the decision on a preferred route, further work will be needed to design the new road and gain the necessary powers and funding before construction can commence. A completion date of 2021 is being planned for. To achieve this we would be looking at a start date in 2020, which is a very challenging programme and is subject to a number of factors such as land acquisition and planning.

Previous public consultation

The consultation on the Northampton Northern Orbital Route and Northampton North-West Relief Road closed on 4 August 2017.

The route we consulted on can be viewed below:

The exhibition boards for the 2017 consultation, which provide further information about both the North West Relief Road and Northern Orbital route, including environmental constraints plans and projected traffic flows can be viewed below:

Further information

The proposals for the North West Relief Road were reviewed through a feasibility study in 2012 produced as part of the evidence base for the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy. The study demonstrated that there are no major constraints to creating a road connecting the A428 Harlestone Road to the A5199 Welford Road.  The options looked at in this work have been superseded by the 2017 consultation.

You can download the feasibility study below:

This page will be updated as the scheme progresses.