Local transport plan

Our local transport plan provides the strategy for the county's transport system​.

Northamptonshire Transportation Plan

The Northamptonshire Transportation Plan is Northamptonshire's Local Transport Plan and sets out our transport policies, objectives and vision for the longer term.

Production of a Local Transport Plan is a statutory requirement of the Transport Act 2000 and Local Transport Act 2008 which requires us to set out our plans and policies for transport as well as how we intend to implement them.

The Northamptonshire Transportation Plan is available to download below:

The Northamptonshire Transportation Plan is made up of a suite of documents that comprise a number of thematic strategies relating to cycling, walking, parking etc. and town transport strategies for the main towns. Each of the documents can be easily updated as and when needed, allowing us to keep our policies and plans up to date in a changing world.

Bus Strategy consultation

The Bus Strategy sets out the overarching vision for buses within Northamptonshire and sets out our strategy to achieve it, including our current policies on subsidised services.

The Council's 2018/19 budget removes support for subsidised services and therefore the Bus Strategy has been updated.  

The consultation on changes to the wording of the Bus Strategy closed on 11 December 2017.

Following analysis of the consultation responses we have made some changes to the Bus Strategy which were agreed by Cabinet on 13 March 2018.