11 January 2010

Northamptonshire County Council worked throughout the night on the county's roads as unexpected and un-forecast snow came to much of the county. Snow arrived in some areas at 11:00pm and the fleet began salting at 12:30am. Snow showers continued during the night and another salting run was carried out at 4:30am to prepare the roads for the rush hour traffic.

Sunday afternoon saw light showers of snow and sleet and salting of footways and highways was carried out on an ad-hoc basis for specific needs throughout the day and night. The snow desk team were operational, monitoring and patrolling the county.

Since 7:30am today crews have been out addressing footways and highways at 18 identified schools across the county. Pupils at these schools begin their GCSE exams today and, it was agreed with the county council that their access routes would be treated before the start of the day to ensure pupils and staff could attend school. Some snow may be lying in these areas but this was from light showers early this morning and is lying on the salted routes.

Salt runs are not being carried out today until a further decision is made this afternoon. The winter service crews are currently refilling salt bins for the use of the public on footways to help local communities. Crews are also patrolling footways and salting those requiring treatment in major shopping and pedestrian areas.

A little more snow is possible this morning although any accumulations of snow will be very small. However, sleet is more likely although this could be on to frozen surfaces, adding to the ice risk. Patchy drizzle or sleet is forecast for this afternoon, while it will be largely dry and mostly cloudy this evening and overnight.

As always, drivers are being asked to take care, particularly on untreated smaller roads. Temperatures remain around freezing and ice is likely in areas due to the sleet and slight thaw of yesterday. When travelling please be aware that stopping distances are increased and leave sufficient distance between vehicles so you can brake and stop safely.

Road users who decide to travel are advised to check road conditions and the weather forecast for their planned route. Motorists are being urged to leave plenty of time for their journeys and drive appropriately for the road conditions and, where possible, stick to main roads.