12 January 2010

Northamptonshire County Council, salted the county's Priority P1 and P2 network last night across the county as per the winter maintenance policy. The weather remained fairly dry and only one salting run was necessary at 7:00pm, as temperatures remained around freezing leading to ice in some areas.

Yesterday roads and footways at those schools beginning GCSE exams was carried out and crews were on call for requests of ad hoc salting in these areas.

A change of the winter maintenance policy has not yet been realised due to the drier weather, and the council has not had to reduce the amount of the network treated. Salt stocks are adequate but, again, levels are being closely monitored and news of further deliveries is being awaited.

The council remains in a position where, if news of further deliveries is not received today, it will unfortunately need to consider reducing the amount of the network gritted.

Today seven of the crews are continuing with the programme of refilling salt bins and salting footways in the main shopping and pedestrianised areas of towns. Again, it is requested that people do not take salt for their own personal use at home and only use this salt for the good of communities on public footways.

With almost all of the 1,729 bins now refilled the council will continue with this service on a rolling basis and refills can be requested through the Street Doctor service.

The weather will generally be cloudy today with a chance of a band of sleet and light snow this morning. However, this will pass and may only settle in some areas. Temperatures remain at freezing and drivers are being urged to take care and drive according to conditions as ice remains on road surfaces in some parts of the county.

This evening the weather is expected to remain dry, with the occasional sleet or light snow shower. Temperatures will continue to hover around freezing and a decision on whether to salt will be made later this afternoon.

To contact Street Doctor telephone 0845 601 1113 or visit the council’s website at www.northamptonshire.gov.uk.