25 January 2010

Northamptonshire County Council is encouraging all eligible frontline social care staff in the county to consider having a swine flu vaccination.

The county council has been working closely with NHS Northamptonshire to offer vaccinations to our own eligible social care staff to ensure we help to protect our vulnerable clients from catching the swine flu virus, with the aim of offering all eligible staff a vaccine by the end of this month.

The council is now reminding any eligible staff from other social care providers in the county to ensure they also think about having a swine flu vaccination.

Frontline social care staff have been prioritised for vaccinations due to the high risk of them catching the virus and passing it on to the people in their care, who are themselves at risk of suffering severe complications and/or hospitalization if they catch the virus.

Councillor Robin Brown, county council cabinet member for health and adult social services said: “Vulnerable clients rely on care staff for their day to day needs to try and ensure they have the best possible quality of life. The last thing they need is swine flu or a call saying they can’t make it to them today. That is why we are encouraging all eligible frontline social care staff in the county to protect themselves and the people in their care.”

”Any front line social care staff who think they may be eligible for the vaccine should check with their line manager. Further information is available by telephoning our customer service centre on 01604 236236.”

Further information:

Department of health eligibility guidance for vaccination for frontline social care workers is: “social care staff who are employed to provide personal care to children and adults, both in care homes and in the community”.