02 February 2010

Students from Deanshanger will learn the true cost of getting involved in crime at a crime and safety awareness day being held at Kingsbrook School tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd February).

Around 250 year 11 students will take part in the event which aims to teach students the consequences of being involved in a road traffic collision.

The event will track a young person as they pass through the various stages of the emergency and criminal justice systems, demonstrating how the various organisations work together.

The day begins with a briefing session and then students will witness the fire and rescue crew extricate three young people, played by drama students, from a car and then taken to hospital by ambulance. They will also see the police attend the scene to arrest the youths. The students are then separated into groups to participate in a variety of workshops run by the different organisations involved.

The young people taking part will see the reality of imprisonment and the effects of criminal behaviour as well as showing them the consequences of becoming involved in crime and other anti-social activities to show them what will happen if they break the law.

This is the first time the school has undertaken a crime and safety awareness day which follows on from the success of similar events in other county schools.

Councillor Andre Gonzalez de Savage, cabinet member for customers and community services said: “Our fire and rescue service is continuing to work in partnership with other organisations to reduce anti-social behaviour in the county with schemes such as this making a difference by showing young people the real consequences of their actions.”

Emma Yoxen, district liaison officer from the fire and rescue service said: “The theme of the event centres on crime and its consequences and shows that every action has an impact both on the individual and the community. We hope that it will persuade the young people of South Northants that getting involved with crime isn’t a fun or a cool thing to do, it’s something that can have life-long or even fatal consequences.”

The event has been organised by the school in collaboration with partner agencies including Partners involved on the day include Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service, the Prison Service, The No Way Trust Ltd, Rainsbrook RTC, The Northamptonshire Casualty Reduction Partnership, Ambulance service and Magistrate Courts.

Additional information:

The aim to reduce road traffic collisions is a targeted area of activity under both the Casualty Reduction Partnership and the Local Area Agreement (LAA).

Our target is to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads by 55% by 2010 (based on 1994-8 baseline figures).

Between Jan and Dec 2009 34 people lost their lives on the county’s roads and working in partnership with the various agencies and Northamptonshire Casualty Reduction Partnership we aim to educate people about road safety issues. This initiative also contributes to other aims under the LAA to reduce crime, increase public confidence and reduce the fear of crime, reduce the harm of drug substance and alcohol abuse and reduce the impact of anti-social behaviour.

The Prison? Me? No Way! scheme is nationally run by ‘The No Way Trust Ltd, who run crime and safety days across the country. The crime day at Kingsbrook also builds upon the Rightracks initiative within South Northants which focuses on road safety in the area.