24 February 2010

Fashion lovers looking to splash out on new styles this spring are being asked to consider the environment when purging their wardrobes of winter woollies.

The advice comes from Northamptonshire County Council’s waste minimisation team to coincide with London Fashion Week, which traditionally marks the start of the new style season.

Eco fashion is also a big component of this year’s show with top designers using reworked clothing to draw attention to a thriving market in sustainable fashion.

But while designer budget might be out of range for most people, unwanted clothes can be taken to charity shops, which can also be used to source new styles.

Old clothes, shoes and textiles can also be taken to one of the county’s 10 household waste recycling centres, which have clothing banks.

Cllr Heather Smith, county council cabinet member for environment, growth and transport said: “Recycling and reusing your old clothing can be of tremendous benefit as a donation can help charities fight common diseases, provide aid and of course it means fewer quality goods going to landfill.

“Old clothing can also be reborn as new creations. At London fashion week eco-fashion is a big component in this years show. It all goes to show how yesterday’s cast offs can be magically transformed into tomorrows haut couture.”

London fashion week runs from February 19 to February 24.