03 March 2010

Northamptonshire County Council is asking people for their views on new guidelines which will ensure money is available so that services and infrastructure keep pace with housing growth in the county.

The county council has drafted the ‘Creating Sustainable Communities’ document which will be used by the authority to formalise the process of requesting funds from developers to directly benefit communities, and provide clarity for developers regarding what they are expected to provide to mitigate their impact on the community.

Money from developers can then be used for improving services across Northamptonshire – the fastest growing county in terms of percentage population increase in England.

Contributions from developers help fund service areas including: education, libraries, fire and rescue, transport, social care and waste management.

Cllr Heather Smith, county council cabinet member for environment, growth and transport, said: “It is essential that developers pay their fair share to directly benefit the community during these tough economic times. New developments cause an increase in population to the area, and the services the county council provides need to be able to properly serve the local residents.

“This means ensuring schools have an appropriate number of places, that libraries are available and well stocked, that our fire services are equipped to act quickly and are properly placed, and that the other council services are up to the standard required. Development puts strain on services, and developers need to be responsible for this.

“The county is expanding and it’s important Northamptonshire can grow sustainably over the coming years.”

The public consultation will take place until March 26 with the document due to go before the county council’s cabinet for approval in early summer. The document is a guide for contributions requested by the county council, as planning permission is finally granted by borough and district councils’ planning departments.

The document can be viewed on the MKSM consultation page.

Or can get in contact via email developmentmanagement@northamptonshire.gov.uk