13 July 2010

Excellent leadership and teaching, good old fashioned manners and exemplary politeness are just a few of the many qualities highlighted by Ofsted when they reported back from a recent inspection of a Corby junior school.

Studfall Junior School has been judged by education watchdogs Ofsted to be outstanding following an inspection last month (June).

The report cites the school’s evident support, warmth and inspiration, and highlights the outstanding work the school does in meeting the needs of its above-average numbers of children with special education needs.

Headteachers Louise McGeachie and Kim Kirchin said: "We are delighted, but not at all surprised, that the report praises our pupils’ excellent behaviour and our staff’s highly-motivated and passionate support. We’re particularly pleased that the school’s support for children with special education needs has been recognised because we do have a high proportion and we strive to remove any barriers to their learning and enjoyment of school.

“The Ofsted inspection shows the value of our school, not just its league table ranking, because the elements that make this school a wonderful place to work and learn can’t be measured in a ranking system.”

The report also states that:

  • For some pupils, their life chances are greatly enhanced because of the excellent work of the school’s three highly effective learning mentors.
  • The governors are extremely well led and organised.
  • Attendance is above the national average and demonstrates pupils’ enjoyment of school and their keenness to learn.
  • Outstanding partnerships with parents and outside agencies add most effectively to the care and guidance for all pupils.

The report identified one area for improvement in recommending that the school should increase the opportunities for pupils to use modern technology across the curriculum.

Additional information:

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