23 September 2010

Northamptonshire’s county flag will take pride of place alongside the Union Flag at a key government department building.

Northamptonshire County Council has given the county flag to the Department of Communities and Local Government in response to Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, who has asked that English county standards be flown outside the department.

The secretary of state wants to fly different county flags to celebrate the history and importance of each county in British cultural heritage.

Cabinet member for strategy, communications and external relations, Cllr David Macintosh said: “I was very pleased to hand the county flag over to the Secretary of State.

“We are rightly proud of Northamptonshire's great history and heritage which is represented in our coat of arms. It will be great to see the Government literally flying the flag for Northamptonshire later this year.”

Each flag, including Northamptonshire’s, will fly in alphabetical order for one week of the year.

Eric Pickles said: "The Union Flag rightly has pride of place outside the department but I'm delighted it will now be flown alongside our traditional and ceremonial county flags.

"This sense of pride and shared identity is one of the things that binds communities together and it's right that the Government department responsible for communities and local government should be actively recognising the important role they play."