19 November 2010

Changes are being made to the temporary traffic lights at the junction of Bedford Road and Cliftonville Road in Northampton to alleviate some of the traffic congestion caused in the town by the major roadworks on the A45.

The temporary lights have been installed while work takes place on the junction – part of a wider project which aims to reduce congestion, improve bus reliability and essentially reduce journey times between Wellingborough and Earls Barton into Northampton.

The scheme is progressing to programme and much of the work is being undertaken underground to improve and install cabling for the new traffic lights. This progress has let the council reassess the traffic management provisions.

Northamptonshire County Council is making the changes to the temporary lights to improve traffic flow during peak hours. The changes will be made from Monday and last until the temporary signals are removed by December 3.

The changes are:

  • No right turn out of Cliftonville Road on to Bedford Road, making travelling times on Bedford Road much quicker. However, incoming town traffic on Bedford Road will still be able to turn right into Cliftonville Road.
  • During peak hours there will be no traffic signals on Bedford Road for traffic coming into Northampton, with traffic reduced to a single lane. However there will still be a signal controlling inbound traffic turning right into Cliftonville Road.

Cllr Heather Smith, county council cabinet member for transport, minerals and waste, said: “The works are going remarkably well and although we’re doing our best to keep disruption to a minimum, inevitably there are delays with a scheme of this size.

“The project has been divided into phases and the completion of one stage of the work means that we are able to make the necessary adjustments at this junction.

“We are continually monitoring the situation during construction to see how this works.”