01 December 2010

With temperatures remaining below freezing Northamptonshire County Council’s snow desk continues to operate and gritting fleets will carry out treatment from 7:00 p.m. this evening to keep roads across the county safe.

Air temperatures are expected to drop to minus 4C overnight with road temperatures dropping even further to a minimum of minus 5C.

Over the last few days the county council has received a high number of calls for more roads and footways to be gritted.

Unfortunately, due to the limited resources available it is not possible to grit all roads and footways.

In Northamptonshire, more than 40 per cent of the county’s roads are gritted and this exceeds the coverage by many other highway authorities in England.

Over the last few days all 27 gritters have been out keeping the main network open and one exit route from each village.

Once the main routes are clear then specific requests will be considered and prioritised accordingly. During this time the public are being asked to be patient and to try and plan their journey to roads on the gritted network, which are more likely to have received treatment.

The county council’s website has the gritting routes shown and advice for drivers and pedestrians.

Overnight, many places will be dry with clear spells but there is a risk of a few snow showers, mainly in the south. Later in the night and through tomorrow morning, snow showers may become more frequent, especially in central and northern parts of the county. Road surface temperatures will be below zero with ice.

A risk of 1cm of snow could fall in southern parts for a time overnight, although the northern extent of the area of snow is uncertain. Later tonight and tomorrow morning, 1-4cms is possible from snow showers, especially in northern parts.