20 April 2010

As part of Northamptonshire County Council’s new system of carrying out more effective highways maintenance, new timescales for repairing defects will start from Wednesday.

In order to carry out longer-lasting repairs, defects on roads and footways which would have been filled within 24-hours, will now be dealt with within five days.

This will allow for more cost effective, semi-permanent work to be done. Potholes filled in this way will mean that crews are not returning to sites that repeatedly fail and repairs should last at least six months.

Last week the county council’s cabinet approved the revised highways maintenance strategy. Amendments to the highway maintenance policy and inspection manuals have already been made and all staff have been trained in this new approach.

There is no doubt that the severe winter weather in terms of snow and freezing temperatures, coming on top of a wetter than usual early winter, has left a challenging situation for highways maintenance in Northamptonshire.

While the aim of the council is to keep all roads in the county in a good state of repair, the accelerated deterioration of roads means that this has become increasingly difficult to achieve.

The number of defect reports has increased dramatically since the adverse weather. All these defects have been logged. The council will be reclassifying any outstanding defects and addressing them in accordance with the new strategy.

The public may still see some temporary repairs taking place on the network but these will only be carried out in extreme cases where public safety is at risk.

We know the road network is one of the county’s greatest assets. Treating it as such makes sense now and in the future.


Visit our highways pages for more information about reporting a road hazard/problem.