06 September 2010

Proposals to change charging policies for adult social care services are set to be discussed by Northamptonshire County Council’s cabinet next week (14th September).

If agreed, the proposals will see an increase in the contribution people are required to make for:

  • Social care services they are eligible to receive as part as their support package. These include for example: home care, day care, social activities and personal assistance.
  • Non-eligible social care services – these are additional services that provide more support but are not identified as part of an individual’s support package. These include for example: ExtraCare, transport services, meals on wheel services.

The recommendations in the report are for services people receive at home only; they do not affect residential care services.

The report follows on from a cabinet decision in November 2009, which set a target of raising an additional £600,000 a year through contributions for non-residential care services and an additional £500,000 for adult social care transport services. This money will be used to fund social care services to ensure the council can provide good quality services to everyone who is eligible to ensure they receive the support and care they need.

Councillor Robin Brown, cabinet member for health and adult social services said: “Unlike health services, adult social care services are not free and the demand for these services is continuing to increase.

“The combined challenges of a rapidly growing population, an ageing population and an increased life expectancy for younger disabled adults, are all putting extra pressure on us being able to fund good quality social care services for all our residents.

“This means we have no choice but to look at the level of contribution people make towards the social care services they receive and the money raised through these services will go straight back into social care services to ensure that all county residents can receive the care and support they need.

“I understand that these recommendations will have an impact on vulnerable people in the county and they have not been made lightly. We have carried out an extensive consultation to get feedback and help people to understand the direction being proposed.

“However, the plain fact is that without raising more money by increasing the contribution people have to make for non-residential social care services, it is likely that we would have to reduce services being offered.”


Please visit the council's committee management information system for full cabinet papers relating to this decision.