13 September 2010

Northamptonshire County Council has awarded a countywide contract for supporting and developing the voluntary and community sector in Northamptonshire.

NVC Northamptonshire will provide strategic support to all the four local support and development agencies across the county, who together support more than 2,000 organisations in the county and more than 120,000 volunteers helping build the Big Society in Northamptonshire.

One of the key roles NVC Northamptonshire will have is to help support organisations identify what areas of the community could benefit from financial support as well as helping voluntary organisations identify new funding streams.

Cllr Joan Kirkbride, county council cabinet member for policy, partnerships and performance, said: “All over the country the voluntary community sector is facing tough times and here in Northamptonshire, it’s no different.

“The county council is convinced that the voluntary and community sector has something to offer in terms of finding innovative ways to make our communities better.

“The support and development agencies throughout the county already help groups to find funding from various trust funds and are also helping groups to help themselves through different forms of income generation.”

Dominic McClean, chief executive of NVC, said: “It’s great that an organisation with its roots in volunteering has won this contract, to help support and develop and increase advocacy for the voluntary community sector.

“Part of our role will be helping to find the gaps in the voluntary sector, to help support other organisations fill those gaps or help them support new organisations to emerge.

“I believe the only way forward is to work in partnership with the key agencies in both the public, private and voluntary sector.”