29 October 2010

Northamptonshire County Council’s fire and rescue service is warning residents about the dangers of chip pan fires.

Unfortunately, chip pan accidents are an all too regular occurrence; all it takes is for someone to be interrupted by a telephone call or a knock at the door and when left, the chip pan can be gently bubbling away and forgotten about until it’s too late.

Mary George, community safety officer for Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service said “Chip pan fires are a prime example of where we can make major improvements through education.

“Repeatedly attending fires and seeing people make the same mistakes, places a responsibility on us to communicate the risk of death and injury to the public. We hope that by working with others at a local and national level we will start to see a reduction in these all too preventable accidents.”

Residents are reminded to never leave cooking unattended - fires start when your attention stops. If a pan catches fire:

  • Don't take any risks.
  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Do not place a damp tea-towel over the pan in order to attempt to extinguish the flames as this can result in serious injuries and even death.
  • NEVER throw water over it.
  • Don’t tackle the fire yourself.
  • If it is safe to do so, turn off the cooker and then immediately leave the property before dialling 999.

For more information on all aspects of home fire safety, please contact Mary George or Staci Leach 01604 797008 or visit the Fire Kills website www.direct.gov.uk/firekills