06 January 2010

This afternoon there have been localised snow showers with some additional deposits of snow. Tonight temperatures are likely to drop to minus 9C but the forecast is for it be dry overall with only the risk of isolated showers.

Throughout the day MGWSP, the highways service provider for Northamptonshire County Council, have been treating footpaths and topping up the 1,729 grit bins across the county and will be salting routes from 6pm this evening with snow ploughs fitted. With temperatures likely to drop down as low as minus 9C tonight, the big risk will be freezing conditions on top of snow covered roads.

MGWSP are assessing the situation continuously and may consider an additional salting run starting at midnight. This decision will be made later this evening and will be based on whether or not the heavy frost appears likely.

Tomorrow MGWSP will continue to salt major shopping and pedestrian areas and crews are continuing to travel around the county replenishing salt bins. In addition, if the weather is as forecast then it is hoped to commence treatment on some of the other parts of the network.

The situation is being assessed around the clock and further updates will be made available if decisions change.

A salting decision hotline can be accessed on 01604 883488.