22 December 2010

Northamptonshire County Council’s gritting teams are working around the clock to keep the county roads clear and safe.

With snow fall anticipated, the whole fleet of 27 gritters was sent out at 1.30am today and all priority routes were treated. Snow ploughs were also out overnight in the south of the county clearing any of the remaining snow from the weekend fall.

Gritting salt is still on the roads and effective, but is not the remedy for heavy snow. The county was hit by a heavy snow fall at 6am for 1.5hrs and crews were immediately sent out with ploughs to clear routes. This occurred in conjunction with the rush hour which meant traffic movement was slow. The ploughs are continuing to attend to the main routes county wide.

The decision was made this morning to use a salt/sand mix which is very effective and works by melting the ice, whilst adding traction to the road surface.

Northampton town centre was hit badly and is serviced by three main routes. Roads have been treated in the borough and require traffic flow to activate the salt. This is now happening and routes are flowing more freely as the rush hour has passed.

Motorists are being asked to drive carefully, avoid sharp breaking and speed and leave plenty of braking distance.

Grit bins have been refilled over the last two days. Anyone who decides to clear paths themselves is advised to remove as much snow as possible with a shovel and then spread salt.

Boiling water must not be used as this will cause black ice.