10 March 2011

A leading delegation from Northamptonshire County Council and county MPs met with treasury minister Danny Alexander this week to keep up the fight for a fairer funding deal for the county.

Leader of the council Cllr Jim Harker was joined by Cllr Bill Parker, Cllr David Mackintosh and all the county’s MPs to meet the chief secretary to the treasury to again press home the point about how current funding arrangements short change the county.

And while no promises to improve this situation councillors and MPs made it clear it is a fight they will continue fighting.

Cabinet member for strategy, communications and external relations David Mackintosh said: “Whilst it is of course disappointing that all our efforts last year to bring this critical situation to the government’s attention did not result in the county getting a fairer deal it is absolutely vital we do not let this issue go.

“Of course we realise that in these hard times the government isn’t in a place to be able to gift us huge amounts of new extra money – but all we are asking for is a fairer share of the allocation. For too long the county has been short changed by outdated population figures meaning the challenges we are facing of a growing population and falling government grants is felt more here than in other areas.

“We will continue to fight for a fairer deal for Northamptonshire and will continue to ensure senior figures at the treasury fully understand our plight so the problem can be tackled.”