10 March 2011

Voluntary and community organisations are being invited to apply for funding as part of Northamptonshire County Council’s small grants fund.

Since its launch in 2006, the youth small grants scheme has kickstarted around 300 youth projects and initiatives all over the county.

A new round of funding is now open and the council is inviting applications for funding of up to £10,000.

Cabinet member for children and young people Cllr Andrew Grant said: "The youth small grants scheme has proved extremely popular and the money has been used to set up hundreds of wide-ranging initiatives and projects benefitting young people.

"The scheme enables local youth work organisations to develop new youth work throughout the county at a local level.

“We hope to encourage even more organisations to come forward and apply for small grants to set up positive youth work activities. The grant value for each project is set at between £2,500 and £10,000 to enable more young people to be involved in local activities.”

The £200,000 small grant fund is divided into four geographic areas with £50,000 available per area:

  • Northampton
  • Wellingborough and East Northants
  • Corby and Kettering
  • Daventry and South Northants

Applications can be decided in as little as six weeks and the county council will offer advice and support to organisations that come forward with a new youth work activity proposal.

Applications must be submitted before Friday 25 March.

Any organisation which is interested in the small grants scheme can call the council’s Customer Services on 01604 236236 or email: customerservices@northamptonshire.gov.uk

Application forms can be downloaded from the council’s website on http://www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/en/councilservices/cyp/yp/Pages/SmallGrantsScheme.aspx

Small Grants Case Studies:

The following projects have benefitted from the small grant funding.

Brookside Hall Community Association, Northampton:
The Brookside Hall Community Association is a newly-formed non-profit volunteer-based group at the new community centre at Lings in Northampton based in the former Mill Wheel public house.

The centre is supporting the wider community in offering education and skill training to all children and young people . The purpose is to provide an environment that encompasses equality and equity of provision of service.

The association received a grant of £8610 to deliver 40 weeks of music production and dance workshops.

Youth Leader Hazel Johnston said: The Lumbertubs area has had little youth provision so it is great that this new group has been formed, giving local young person something to positive to do and a safe environment to go’.

Gary West, a young person who had benefitted from the funding, said: “I enjoy singing and spending time with Moses the DJ. I am going to bring my drum set and play at the Brookside Hall street party for the royal wedding.”

Shania Hancock, a local young person who attends the centre, said “I enjoyed learning some new dance steps but especially liked trying Henna hand painting for the first time.”

Time2Talk, Daventry:
Time2Talk, a Daventry based counselling, information and sexual health service were successful with a small grant application for £6,574 to run a series of anger management courses for young people in the Daventry district area.

The main aim of this initiative is to give any young person an opportunity to get to grips with their feelings of anger before their feelings start to cause problems or impact on their overall wellbeing and the way they interact with their peers and others.

Mrs Eve Ward, a Daventry foster carer, said: “Parents need advice and support and there is very little support or resources out there for young people with mild anger problems. As a foster carer who sometimes cares for teenagers from difficult and challenging backgrounds, it is great to know I can use the Time2Talk service to give my foster children support. I know Time2Talk is flexible and easy to access and I have made a referral on behalf of one of my foster children who is looking forward to participating”

Blast Youth Drop-In Project, Burton Latimer:
The Blast Youth Drop-In Project, based in Burton Latimer, received a grant of just over £7200. Alongside the group’s own matched funding, the money has been used to start up a drop-in facility for local young people aged 12 to 18 years and to purchase a range of equipment like arts and crafts materials, electronic games, a pool table and an air hockey table. The group is also using its funding to support two qualified youth workers during the project’s set-up period who will cascade their skills to a team of volunteers.

The new group will have drop-in sessions on Wednesday and Friday evenings as well as targeted sessions on other evening focusing on specific areas such as computers and photography.

The project was developed following a widespread consultation with the young people of Burton Latimer. The young people will be at the centre of the new group with a youth forum to input into all aspects of it.

Wellingborough Youth Project:
The Wellingborough Youth Project received a £2500 grant which was used to run a series of Saturday morning sex education workshops and helped fund training for young people to play an active role in the running of Infuse Youth Café. The youth café is a neutral environment where young people can openly discuss issues and find help, support and advice when they feel they need it.

A full list of previously-awarded grants can be found here: