21 March 2011

Northamptonshire County Council is appealing for people who can foster vulnerable teenagers

There are currently 265 children over the age of 10 who are looked after by the county council.

The county council wants to recruit 45 new foster carers. The more foster carers the county council has in Northamptonshire, the more it can place these children closer to school, family and friends.

By fostering a teenager:

  • You know you are making a difference to a young person’s life at a time when they need it most
  • You can give them the support and skills they need to grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • You can be there for them when they reach important milestones in their life.

Cabinet member for children and young people Councillor Andrew Grant said: "There are many misconceptions about older children, especially those in care. They are viewed as difficult and challenging and therefore people are concerned about how they would cope.

“Many of the foster carers we have who look after older children have nothing but praise for the young people who they care for. With time, patience and support they have helped to turn these young people’s lives around and given them the confidence and self-esteem they needed.

“By giving these children a home in your family and helping them make important decision in their life you’ll be making a huge difference to their future and in return, you’ll have a hugely rewarding career.”

Children and young people come into the county council’s care for a variety of reasons. Parents might ask for help looking after their children because of illness or because they are facing some other difficulties or the county council suspects the children are being neglected or abused and remove them from their family for their own safety.

They can stay in foster care for a short period of time or may need a permanent placement where they can stay until they are 18 and beyond.

The county council has many more reasons why people should foster – they’ll get an allowance, support from the county council’s dedicated fostering team as well as a full training package.

Find out more at www.fosterme.co.uk or call 0300 126 1009.