23 March 2011

A new time banking scheme is being launched in Rushden next week (29th March) to help develop networks that support local people.

Participants deposit their time in the bank, by giving practical help and support to others. This time can then be withdrawn when the individual requires something to be done for them in return.

It is part of the Grapevine Timebank initiative set-up in Corby and has been organised by members of the Ashgrove House Community Opportunities Service. The scheme is supported by Northamptonshire County Council and ultimately the project aims to become a community-owned scheme by encouraging volunteers to join and help co-ordinate the service.

Many Timebanks have been set up across the country and successfully harness the skills and time of local people to develop networks of mutual support in local communities. This is the third Grapevine Timebank to be set up in the county with Timebanks in Kettering and the recently-launched Corby Grapevine.

County council cabinet member for health and adult social services, Councillor Robin Brown said: “Timebank is a fantastic scheme that helps to bring the local community together. Volunteering is rewarding and with Timebank those who give their time to support others will in turn receive support for their own personal projects.”

The Rushden Grapevine Timebank launch will provide local citizens with information about the new Timebank and advice on how to get involved. Members of The Grapevine Timebank scheme will be on hand to answer questions and explain more about how time banking can support local communities.

Timebanks provide varying support from getting a prescription collected to doing the weekly shop or putting up shelves. These types of jobs are an invaluable way of helping out, often vulnerable, local people.

Local people can find more information and sign up to Rushden’s Timebank scheme at the official launch at Ashgrove House, 14 Foskett Close, Rushden, NN10 6PR on 29 March 2011, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.

Information on all of Northamptonshire’s Timebanks can be found on www.timebanking.org