06 May 2011

A programme to reduce the cost of street lighting energy by 50 per cent as part of reducing Northamptonshire County Council’s overall streetlighting budget by £2 million will start on Monday, May 9.

The initiative which will see about one in two of county council owned lights switched off is being carried out as the authority aims to make £73 million in-year savings.

As well as making cash savings the initiative will also help the county council reduce light pollution, energy consumption and its carbon footprint.

Corby will be the first area to have some of its lights turned out and it is expected it will take seven working days to turn off the selected lights in the borough.

The second area for switch off is in South Northamptonshire and this should start during the week commencing May 16.

To carry out the switch off it will be necessary to go to individual columns and turn out the lights one by one. Adhesive stickers will then be placed on the columns which have had the lights turned off in order to advise people which lights should be on and which should be off.