14 April 2011

Northamptonshire County Council is beginning a project which will result in new contracts for residual municipal waste in the county.

The procurement project will explore a full range of options for the treatment and disposal of waste and the council is inviting potential suppliers or waste management organisations to come forward.

It comes after a decision was made in January 2011 to cancel the joint waste project between Northamptonshire County Council and Milton Keynes Council following the government’s removal of £138m of PFI funding.

The project will look to identify interested organisations and their specific areas of experience and expertise as well as understand what solutions might be possible and identify the external funding sources that might be available.

Councillor Heather Smith, county council cabinet member for highways, minerals and waste said “The amount of residual waste produced in the county is increasing, with estimates that it could rise to over 200,000 tonnes a year by 2020.

“The financial and environmental problems associated with landfill are not going away so we are instead looking for the most cost effective, sustainable solutions for the taxpayers of Northamptonshire.

“We are working in partnership with district and borough councils through the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership to find the best way forward and welcome innovative or creative proposals from potential suppliers to help us find the right solutions for the treatment and disposal of the county’s residual waste.”

For more information about this project, potential suppliers should can find more information on the tender portal or email procurement@northamptonshire.gov.uk to express an interest by 16:00 on Thursday 28th April 2011.