22 July 2011

The High Sheriff of Northamptonshire is visiting the Youth Offending Service (YOS) office in Kettering on Tuesday (26th July) to hear about the successful work of the service in reducing offending.

Mrs Penelope Escombe MBE JP DL aims to promote the Criminal Justice System during her year in office, and visiting the YOS is part of this.

She will meet with YOS staff and hear about the service’s work with young people and their families. This will include education and accommodation, the management of court orders, victim impact and restorative justice where young people engage with victims of crime.

She will also meet staff from Catch 22, a charity which provides commissioned services to the YOS.

She will meet some young people under supervision to hear about their experiences and how they engage with YOS staff.

The YOS has been successfully reducing offending by young people in recent years. The YOS is measured against various government indicators and has been improving year on year to ensure that young people who offend face the consequences of their behaviour, as well as aiming to address their complex needs so they can become positive members of society.

Mrs Escombe has a longstanding interest in criminal justice. She was Chairman of the Corby Magistrates Bench between 1992 and 1998, member of Northamptonshire Police Authority for ten years, member of Northamptonshire Probation Committee for fifteen years and member of the Northamptonshire Magistrates Courts Committee for twelve years.