21 November 2011

Five county children will be taking over their local libraries to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes.

During the autumn, Northamptonshire County Council ran a competition with young library users asking them what they would say to someone who is not a library member to convince them about what their library could do for them.

Children were asked to either draw a picture or explain in words why they value their libraries. The prize was a £15 book token and the opportunity to take charge of their local library.

Five winners aged between five and 11 were picked by a team of judges comprising cabinet member for customer services Cllr Heather Smith, Councillor Derek Lawson and Chair of the Friends of Moulton Library Andy Tresias.

Ellie Mae Andrews, 9, has chosen to be in charge of Central Library. Her winning entry included the following messages: “Libraries are full of fun and that’s why you should come!” “Libraries are awesome and are cool.”

Charlie Raith and Lauren Walton, both aged 8, have chosen to work in Duston Library. Charlie's winning messages included: “It’s more than just books. It’s more than just a library, it’s a diamond palace”

Lauren will take charge of Duston Library and her winning entry said: “What do libraries do? Libraries help. Libraries help children and adults learn.”

Kyla Mateer, 10, has chosen to be in charge of Far Cotton Library. Her winning message said: “Welcome, come in, explore new worlds and dream”

Suryaudit Prasad, 5, has chosen to be in charge of Corby Library. Suryaudit was the youngest winner and his entry included “Friends. CBeebies. Books and Hindi books. Circus”

Councillor Heather Smith said: “It’s great that these children took part in the competition and demonstrated that they value their libraries so highly.

“We already have many committed people who volunteer in the county’s libraries but these five must be our youngest volunteers yet!

"They have all jumped at the chance to get behind the scenes and help run their local libraries. I’m certain they will do a fantastic job and I hope they enjoy the experience.”

Each of the participants will be issued with an official badge while they are duty and will take part in a variety of library activities including choosing new books to buy for each library, adding books on to the library system, helping people to use the self-serve machines and helping to create displays in the library. They will also each receive a certificate.