20 January 2011

Northamptonshire County Council has made a commitment that no Sure Start children’s centres will close as part of their 2011/12 budget.

At today’s full council meeting (Thursday 20th January) Councillor Andrew Grant made clear the intention to ensure the county’s fifty children’s centres continue to offer their services to county residents.

As part of this, all of the children’s centres will be required to look at their back office functions including organisation management and delivery models, to ensure that money is prioritised on front line delivery instead.

Councillor Andrew Grant, cabinet member for children and young people said: “I have made a guarantee today that no centres will close as part of the 2011/12 budget.

“As a council we are facing extremely challenging financial pressures and the government has cut our grant that is partly used to fund the centres by 8.4% so savings will have to be made somewhere.

“But we believe that by looking at the back office function of the children centres including the organisation management and delivery models we can seek the most efficient ways of delivering this service and prioritise funding to delivery of the front line services that are offered at the centres.

“We recognise the value of the services offered by the centres and are committed to ensuring they can continue to improve the outcomes for children and young people in the county.”