22 November 2011

The county’s first car club will be launched on Friday on the Priors Hall development in Corby and will provide a cheap, environmentally friendly means of travel for residents and businesses alike.

Set up by Northamptonshire County Council, the car club will allow people to hire a vehicle when required for a fixed period of time, giving them access to a private car without the associated costs of ownership.

It is anticipated that the cars will be used for short trips and would encourage households to reconsider buying a second car or even going car-free.

The initiative has been paid for through section 106 payments from Priors Hall developer BeLa and will be run by Commonwheels, a non-profit social enterprise.

Cllr Andre Gonzalez De Savage, county council cabinet member for infrastructure and public protection, said: “This is a marvellous initiative and a very appropriate solution for people as it allows them a great deal of flexibility in making journeys, while being relatively cheap.

“This is an exciting step forward and I’d like to see more of these schemes emerge throughout the county as a means of reducing congestion on our roads.

“Not only is this good news for households but businesses can take advantage too, as it can be an economic way of providing transport instead of company cars.”

Two cars will be based at the Future Centre at Priors Hall and will be available to use from November 25.

The joining fee for the car club is £25 per person or per business and the hourly rate of usage is £4.25 with a mileage fee of 19p per mile.

Cars can be reserved online or over the telephone and bookings can be made as quickly as one minute before the car is needed and for as little as 30 minutes.