22 November 2011

Work starts this week (Nov 21) to bring two main roads on a Corby housing estate up to a suitable standard so that they can be adopted by Northamptonshire County Council.

Work will take place on Boughton Road and Chatsworth Road on the Oakley Vale estate and it is anticipated that improvements will be finished by the end of this year. This follows on from similar work on sections of Butland Road fronting local shops.

When the work is complete the actual formal adoption process for the roads will begin. Once they are adopted other connecting roads on the estate can subsequently be improved by their developers to enable adoption.

Cllr Andre Gonzalez De Savage, county council cabinet member for infrastructure and public protection said: “I’m delighted that we’re now in a position to bring these roads up to a standard so they can be adopted by the county council.

“Although there are legal issues to address before the actual adoption can take place, improving the roads from their current standard will make a big difference to people on the estate.

“We continue to work hard with Corby Borough Council to resolve the issue of unadopted roads on the Oakley Vale estate and are delighted to have taken this significant step forward.”

Adopting a road, and associated footways, means that the county council takes over responsibility for repair and maintenance. Generally speaking with unadopted roads, there is no formal system in place for care of the road.

A substantial number of roads on the Oakley Vale estate in Corby were left unadopted when the housing developer, Coftons, went into administration.

Before a road can be adopted it must be of a certain standard and both the county council and the developer need to sign a legal agreement to enable adoption when the developer has completed the roads. However with no developer to do the work, residents were left with streets in a poor condition.

Some of the roads including sections of Butland Road, Boughton Road and Chatsworth Road were covered by agreements and financial securities with Coftens. The county council has been able to secure funding from the sureties to step in and complete the works to enable adoption.

However there are still a number of roads with no such agreement or financial securities and the county council continues to work closely with Corby Borough Council to facilitate the adoption of those roads.