04 February 2011

Today’s government announcement on investment plans for local major transport projects will see the Corby Link Road scheme take a significant step forward.

Earlier this year, Northamptonshire County Council submitted Expressions of Interest to the Department of Transport for both the A43 Corby Link Road and the A509 Isham Bypass.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has today (4th February) announced that the Corby Link Road has been carried forward to the next stage, which will see the government work closely with the county council over the next few months with a view to achieving a full approval announcement for the scheme towards the end of 2011.

Subject to full approval, it is likely that the Corby Link Road scheme will commence in 2012/13 albeit final details will need to be agreed.

Leader of the county council, Councillor Jim Harker said: “I am very pleased that this project has been given the green light to go forward to the next stage.

“The Corby Link Road project will be pivotal to the economic development in the north of the county, as it will ensure that the growth that is planned and already taking place in Corby and Kettering is supported through excellent transport corridors that link through to the national networks.

“The scheme will allow for traffic to be taken away from villages along the A43 and also traffic that would otherwise have gone through Corby.”

The government’s announcement also means that the Isham Bypass project will not yet proceed. Due to the current financial climate, the government has decided that the Isham Bypass scheme will not be considered for funding until 2015 at the earliest.

Councillor Harker said: “Obviously we are very disappointed that the Isham Bypass scheme cannot be progressed to the next stage yet, but we do recognise the difficult financial position everyone is facing at the moment and the tough choices that have to be made to deal with the massive public debt. We will continue to work with the Borough Council of Wellingborough and Kettering Borough Council and local residents to look for alternative funding opportunities in the intervening time and do everything we can to bring this by-pass into fruition as soon as possible.”