18 January 2012

Cabinet members and senior managers will be on hand to answer questions on Northamptonshire County Council’s budget proposals at a special Question Time event taking place next week (24 JAN).

In December the council published budget proposals to show how it would save around £100 million in the next four years to help it face up to the pressures of huge cuts in government funding and massive increases in demands for services.

And with the consultation now more than half way through members of the public are being invited to register for the Question Time session where they will get the chance to question a panel of councillors and managers about the proposals.

Council Leader Jim Harker said: “Our budget consultation aims to give a wide variety of ways for people to have their say in ways that suits them best and this Question Time event is an important element of that. It will give members of the public the opportunity to speak to members of cabinet and senior council employees about the draft budget."

The event takes place in the council chamber at County Hall, Northampton on Tuesday 24th January from 7pm to 9pm.

Anyone wanting to attend one of the events, irrespective of whether they want to ask a question, should book their place using the Question Time form on the council’s website or using this link:


Anyone wishing to pose a set question is asked to provide this along with their booking to make sure the most appropriate people are on the panel to address their issues.