02 April 2012

Friends of the Library groups will be thanked for their support at an event taking place tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd April).

Northamptonshire County Council is hosting the appreciation event to celebrate their commitment and thank members in person for the support they offer to their local libraries, both financially and otherwise.

It will also be an opportunity for the groups to publically present their cheques to the libraries.

All 26 Friends of the Library groups were asked to make financial pledges to support their local library in the coming year and a total of £6,600 has already been pledged by eight of the groups.

Members have taken part in a variety of different activities to raise money, with more expected to follow as the other eighteen Friends of the Library groups take part in fundraising activities.

Cabinet member for customer services Councillor Heather Smith said: “I want to thank all the members of our Friends of the Library groups for the valuable work they have been doing.

“The financial pressures being faced by the council are well known and we cannot afford to completely fund the library service ourselves, so we have been working to reshape the service and diversify the way libraries are funded.

“Therefore the council fully supports the core aspects of the library service and at the same time, looks at other ways to fund the added services. We already generate 17% (£806,000) of funding through library shop sales, hire of DVDs and computers and late return charges. By 2016 the aim is to increase that to 30%.

“We're now at the start of the new financial year and the service needs another £52,000 on top of the £806,000 that will be generated. This money raised by the Friends of the Library groups is a great start, and demonstrates what can be achieved when Northamptonshire people step up to the challenge.”