08 August 2012

Guinness World Record holder Smokey the Cat will make her first visit to Northamptonshire County Council libraries this weekend (Sunday 12th August) as part of a series of Sunday events.

Smokey holds the record for the loudest purring cat. Her purring was recorded at a level of 67.7Db which is 14 times louder than an average cats purr and is a comparable noise to a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner.

Smokey will be visiting libraries as part of the Be the Best You Can Sunday activity programme to encourage families to spend more time reading books together.

Sunday opening was introduced in April this year to make them even more accessible to families and other customers, giving people more time to take advantage of the various activities and facilities on offer.

As well as having the loudest purr, Smokey, with a little help from her owner Ruth Adams, is also a published author. Their book ‘Smokey the Very Loud Purring Cat’ tells the story of Smokey’s transformation from an unwanted, many times re-homed cat. Smokey and her owner will be visiting libraries to purr and encourage discussion about all books with their inspirational and interactive talk called ‘A cat, record, book and the world’s media.’

Cabinet member for customers and communities Councillor Heather Smith said: “Sunday opening is a chance for families to spend time together, giving people of all ages the time and space to relax and enjoy the different exciting and inspirational activities and events that are taking place.

“Smokey the Cat will be encouraging families to read and enjoy books together. Children will be able to see and hear the famous cat and it will bring the book to life for them.”

Owner Ruth Adams said: “The mixture of a cat, Guinness World Records with a splash of humour and creativity added really engages youngsters and adults alike with this truly intergenerational book, we are very excited about being able to share our writing experiences with visitors to the libraries.”

Smokey the cat and her owner will be visiting libraries as follows:

  • Sunday 12th August Hunsbury Library
  • Sunday 19th August Irchester Library
  • Sunday 9th September Oundle Library
  • Sunday 16th September Higham Ferrers Library
  • Sunday 30th September Towcester Library
  • Sunday 4th November Kettering Library

Find out more about Smokey the Cat www.smokeythepurringcat.com

For more information about Smokey's library visits, people can contact Brenda Easton beaston@northamptonshire.gov.uk