07 March 2012

New social care company Olympus Care Services Limited is set to be discussed at Northamptonshire County Council’s cabinet meeting next week (March 13th).

Olympus Care Services Limited is a new trading company that is wholly-owned by the council. It has been set-up to provide direct social care services to older people, people with physical disabilities or people with learning disabilities in a range of settings including residential homes, day care and home care.

These services include domiciliary care, dementia support, eight care homes for older people and four for younger adults, day opportunities, the Shared Lives service, specialist equipment services, employment and disability services and occupational therapy.

Cabinet members will be asked to consider the governance arrangements for the new company, which is due to begin trading on 1st April 2012.

Cabinet member for health and adult social services Councillor Robin Brown said: “These are the final steps towards the development of Olympus Care Services Limited and an entirely new model for social care services in Northamptonshire.

“The social care landscape has already been transformed massively over the past five years. We have moved away from simply providing generic packages of care for people, and instead have encouraged the growing use of personal budgets to promote independence and control. At the same time, many people, particularly older people, are purchasing their own care and support.

“The creation of Olympus Care Services Limited will increase access for more people to proven, good quality services that meet the needs of all social care customers, not just those people whose services are paid for by the council.

“It is also a cost-effective solution to the ongoing challenges of an increasing number of people needing social care services whilst also ensuring the council continues to fulfil its statutory duties.

”This is truly a landmark change in the way social care services are delivered in Northamptonshire.”

The cabinet papers are available online - http://bit.ly/wD53YD