26 April 2012

In order to deliver a more cost-effective and efficient parking service Northamptonshire County Council is to close its Northampton-based parking shop.

The shop, which is based in Midsummer House in Bedford Road, Northampton, will close at 5.30pm on Friday, May 11.

From then onwards people can carry out transactions such as paying parking fines or applying for a parking permit, either online, by telephone or by post.

Cllr Ben Smith, county council cabinet member with responsibility for enforcement, said: “Having a greater emphasis towards online means that delivery of the service can be done more economically and will be quicker for the customer too.

“The parking services contract is currently being retendered with the new contract due to start in August this year. Making this change beforehand will help with the necessary change in office location and reduce back office costs.

“In order to deliver a service which offers better value for the taxpayer the new contract will mean the focus for customer service will switch to online.

“In recent years there has been rapid development of what services we can offer on the internet and the ease with which they can be delivered.

“For those who may not have access to the internet they can still make contact by telephone or via the post.”

To access parking services, either:

• click here

• Or, alternatively telephone 0845 680 0153

• Or send parking permit application forms, which can be downloaded here, to:
Parking Services
Northamptonshire County Council,
Riverside House
Bedford Road