13 August 2012

New signs have been put up in Northamptonshire County Council’s household waste recycling centres aimed at deterring people from sending waste to landfill.

The new Waste For Landfill signs have replaced the General Waste signs by the relevant containers at all 10 of the council’s recycling centres throughout the county.

The signs are designed to prompt people to think whether they have recycled as much waste as they can.

The current annual price of sending waste to landfill in the county is about £12million – which equates to about £86 for every tonne.

Each tonne of waste that is landfilled costs £68 in landfill tax with the rest being comprised of a gate fee paid to the landfill site owner.

Cllr Ben Smith, county council cabinet member for environment, said: “We need to get the simple message across that unless we pre sort our waste and place it in the appropriate recycling container it goes to landfill.

“That costs us a lot of money and is not good for the environment. I hope these new signs will convince people who are not currently recycling that it really is cost effective and good for the environment.

“This is just one of many different methods we are trying at the council to improve our recycling targets and it is our hope that small measures like these will have a large impact.”

The landfill tax cost is set to rise by £8 per tonne per year so in 2013/14 the landfill tax will cost £72 per tonne.